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SA Crypto is delighted to have a representative at arguably the biggest “crypto” conference in the world: Token2049, happening in Hong Kong. Kwazulu-Natal based Jessica Declercq traveled to Hong Kong to get front row access to some of crypto’s biggest influencers like Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, and of course Justin Sun.


The founder of Tron was on stage this morning sharing his economic vision for BitTorrent Token (BTT) – after Tron’s acquisition of the P2P torrent download site. Declercq said that Sun’s vision for the BTT token was interesting and unique, in that TRON holders will be aidropped BTT tokens every month until 2025. Sun’s reasoning behind this was not only for economic stability, but for economic growth in the TRON ecosystem, identifying TRON’s value will likely increase as crypto enthusiasts will look to not only buy more TRON tokens  but also hold them in anticipation of being airdropped the BTT tokens.

Meanwhile, one of South Africa’s leading crypto exchanges “Altcoin Trader” came out with a relating announcement after Justin Sun’s news broke. CEO Richard De Sousa shared in a Press Release provided to SA Crypto that all AltCoinTrader users will have access to the BTT tokens that will be airdropped to TRON holders.

De Sousa said that all users need to do is hold TRON, and for every TRON Token held in their AltcoinTrader wallet, they will be provided with 0.11 BTT tokens – airdropped to their newly created AltcoinTrader BTT wallet. So for example, if you hold 100 TRON tokens, you will receive 11 BTT Tokens at the time of the airdrop. The “snapshot” for the airdrop will happen on the 11th day of every month.

De Sousa also confirmed that AltCoin Trader users will be able to trade BTT tokens before the next airdrop which happens on the 11th of April, and said to keep an eye on their social media platforms and website as to when they launch BTT trading.

We at SA Crypto had a chat with Altcoin Trader’s CEO de Sousa at Blockchain Africa 2019 in Joburg – you can listen to the audio podcast in your browser below, or on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

In the meantime, I’m most certainly going to be keeping an eye on this TRON and BTT development as the month’s progress. A unique idea indeed.