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The South African blockchain industry is an extremely exciting one, and yes, while there are a number of “scam-like” operations in the country hiding behind the technology and claiming it as their own, there are many, many entrepreneurs who have launched companies to build in and on this exciting tech.

One such entrepreneur is Warren Gray. Formerly a Mechanical Engineer who focused on Sustainable Energy (it’s true, he drives a BMW i3), Warren began mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2016, and became such a believer in the technology that he founded a crypto mining operation using his engineering skills.

This led to the founding of CoinEd and then BlockStarters, among other crypto ventures, which have all taken off. We here at SA Crypto were introduced to Warren through our own mining genius, Gerald Boardman, and the rest is history. Warren is now an active member of our social chat community, and is growing as a leading voice in South Africa’s blockchain space.

He visited us down at our office in Durban, and we chatted to him about CoinEd, as well as his recent trip to Kenya where CoinEd trained a host of Kenyan High School pupils about Bitcoin, economics, and blockchain.

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